El Chaparral Ranch & the Chaparral Mountain Range's specialty is in producing Record Desert Mule Deer, Free Range Bighorn Sheep & Trophy Coues deer!!!

Desert Bighorn

The Chaparral Mountain Range is a proven and successful Desert Sheep project about “putting Sheep Back on the Mountains”. This project starts in 1994 where the population at the range found itself in very low numbers. This translocation project included bringing sheep from Tiburon Island to the Chaparral Mountain Range which is only 5 miles away due NorthEast on the mainland... The project also included investment into water distribution throughout the range and predator control. We believe that all these management practices have resulted in great success after 20+ years. The Population at the Range has thrived and we estimate through surveys that it always keeps from 160 to 200+ animals and a % of animals move back and forth to other ranges.. This herd has also been used to repopulate other ranges throughout Sonora, Chihuahua and Coahuila.. Desert Sheep in the Chaparral Mountains have thrived, with over 60,000 acres of free range land. It has set us up for some of the Best Sheep Hunting a hunter can experience. Every hunter once they have hunted our range has expressed that “this is the best hunt they have ever been on.” Our Mountains pose a Great yet Challenging hunt, our commitment and goal is to provide 100% Hunting success. We will hunt hard, until we get our hunters the trophy they are looking for, even if we have to reschedule for more hunting days... We have been fortunate to take some Great Rams over the years and it is common for our clients to have opportunities at old Rams that will score between 175-178. And it is not uncommon to take a Ram in the 180+. The Desert Bighorn is a majestic animal and it sets us up for a Great Hunt in the Mountains. We invite you to join us on a Great Hunt and support Mountains like these that have invested so much into Sheep.

Desert MuleDeer

El Chaparral is the Premier Trophy Muledeer hunting destination in North America.. It leads in Record trophies taken, and is constantly setting new records year after year. Our goal is to produce Record Breaking Muledeer. We like to say we have the best of both worlds. With over 60,000 acres of free range hunting which holds several records. Including the #1 Typical Muledeer Pope &Young Buck with 205” net taken in 2011, And the #3 Boone & Crocket Typical MuleDeer. Our Highly Managed MuleDeer Hunting area is over 4500 acres and is a completely fair chase, and challenging hunt.. We are currently taking a good number of Platinum Bucks ranging from 190-260” class every season. These class bucks are in high demand, so we invite you to make your reservation with plenty of time.. We also offer our Gold Hunt for Great bucks up to 189” mark... Big Frame, Heavy and Wide Bucks, awesome Trophies.

Coues Whitetail Deer

The Grey Ghost of the desert, a true challenging and fun hunt.. You can also hunt for a Coues Buck in combination to a Desert Bighorn or Mule Deer Hunt.. Coues do give you a good challenge, between spotting to the shot itself.. They can be crafty and quick.. All of our hunters have greatly enjoyed this hunt.


The El Chaparral Lodge is First Class.. It sits up on the Mountains on the Western part of the Ranch. It has a Luxurious Hacienda at par with a 5 star hunting lodge.. You will have incredible views and the experience the most beautiful sunsets.. Hunters can enjoy their private bedrooms with all the amenities. Groups of friends, Families, and Corporate Groups greatly enjoy the lodge with its first class service, gourmet cuisine and full bar.



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