El Chaparral Ranch, "The Best Hunting Destination in Sonora, Mexico." Our Goals are set on showing every hunter a Great Hunt, a completely fair chase, challenging and awesome hunting experience. Hunting acreage totals 47,000+ acres. At Chaparral we have the best of both worlds, a huge 13,000 acre high intensity managed area where we are able to control our feeding program and Genetics in a stricter way. We have an incredible Trophy production year after year. The ranch's free range and leased bordering ranches total 34,000 acres. In recent years this area has produced a couple of Record setting Muleys, in 2011 we took the #3 all time B&C, and in 2010 the #1 archery all time. Our avg. low fence trophy has been between 185-190 and high intensity managed area has been avg. 195-200. We offer 6 day hunts, where you will have a 100% opportunity. In combination to our Mule Deer hunts we have Great Coues and Record Desert Bighorn Sheep. All of our service include a 1:1 Guide/Hunter, hunting license, Transportation from airport, Great Lodging, five star service and food and preparation of trophies for export.
  1. Monster Mule Deer & Coues
  2. Fabulous Desert Bighorn Sheep
  3. 47,000 +acres of land
  4. 3 different species to hunt
  5. Five star accommodations